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Are you Risking Fines and Reputational Damage due to Negligence in Training Monitoring?

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Big 4 Accounting firm fined $50m when audit professionals improperly shared answers and manipulated test results on internal training exams

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Three senior executives at global investment bank delegated their compliance E-Learning tasks to secretaries from 2013 to 2015 and, as a result, were forced to return a portion of their 2015 bonuses

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Two Global Investment Banks fired 30 analysts in London and New York for cheating on internal training tests, which include basic finance concepts and compliance-related material

Is your learning compliant?

Learning requirements are now regulatory requirements.

Regulators around the world are driving change in the mandatory learning space. Compliance, Information Security, Ethics, and other key topics are being reviewed as minimum requirements.

The regulatory minimum threshold is increasing from "tick the box" to verifying participant identification, engagement and impact of training.

Read the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong
E-Learning Requirements

Emotics is in front of the Regulatory Requirements



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