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Emotics works with some of the world's largest banks, insurers and consultancies. Our use cases extend from financial services to other heavily regulated industries where there are significant risks around mandatory training, such as oil & gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, biotech and biomed.

Emotics Risk Detection

Risk Detection & Management

Fully cutomisable red-flagging of all of the risk areas for your E-Learning helps you to proactively identify problem areas and take action to reduce risk.

Demographic filtering allows you to see if the problems lay with a few bad actors, certain offices or business units, or if there are systemic issues in the organisation that need to be addressed before culture and conduct results in fines and reputational damage.

Content & Engagement

Engagement data on each of your E-Learning courses so you can see which performs better than others, and where you are getting the best ROI on vendor spend.

Highly granular data, providing page by page, and section by section, objective feedback so you can see where your team stops paying attention.

Best and worst performing pages and videos, to help with A/B Testing and content optimisation.

Emotics Content
Emotics Reporting Dashboard


Full audit trail on all of your users' E-Learning sessions. Review individual sessions to identify problem areas and see feedback on responses to content.

Automated reporting to board level for annual sign off, and enhanced reporting to regulators to verify team members have actually done their training and have been paying attention.

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