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As employees increasingly move to Work from Home, cyber security risk are multiplying for companies. Home networks with unsecured IoT devices, and using personal device all present attack vectors for cyber criminals.
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Emotics provides a one-stop shop for your Cyber Security training, with industry-leading content and advanced analytics to ensure your employees have been engaged with their training
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Access Thomson Reuters' industry-leading Information Security Training to ensure your employees are aware of the risks around phishing and malware, and take appropriate care with sensitive data.
Ensure the correct individuals are taking online courses. Verify attendance and engagement with courses and training. Enable your staff to take their training while they are working from home.
Reduce your Cyber Insurance Risk by using the Emotics Cyber Insurance Solution. Work with our partners to receive discounts on your Cyber Insurance premiums and renewals.
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Reduce Cyber Risk

People represent the single biggest risk to companies when it comes to cyber security. The vast majority of successful cyber attacks, data theft, phishing, malware and ransomeware all come down to a human, rather than hardware or software issue. Ensure your employees are aware of the risks, know how to identify them, and act according to ensure the integrity of your networks.

Reduce Cyber Insurance Costs

As employees move to working from home, using home networks that have unsecured devices such as smart fridges or Alexas, and using personal devices to access work networks the risk on existing cyber insurance policies increases dramatically.

Emotics works with Cyber Insurance providers to provide cyber security training data to their actuaries, to assist with risk modelling, allowing them to provide discounts on policies, and augmenting the data they have to facilitate their negotiations with re-insurers.

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