Emotics Attention

The Emotics Attention module tracks facial micro-expressions for the training duration to measure attention, emotional responses and engagement, and provide objective, navigable feedback to optimise trainings.
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Emotics Reporting Dashboard software example
The Attention module directly integrates Risk Detection and Management, Content Evaluation and Optimisation, and Reporting into your LMS. This provides an unmatched levels of insight and creates a learning feedback loop.
Emotics Risk ManagementEmotics Content OptimisationEmotics Reporting
Risk Detection and Management
Content Evaluation and Optimisation
Enhanced Reporting
Red flagging and demographic filtering to highlight risks across the organisation and drill down to the business unit, geographic location, role or seniority level.
Granular engagement analytics on all your online training activities. Determine ROI on courses and vendors. Pinpoint less engaging sections of content allowing for optimisation and A/B testing. 
Confidently report completion of training activities to board level to assist with Manager in Charge regime, and provide assurance for sign-off over to the regulators. 
Emotics Browser Analytics

Browser Analytics and ID Verification

Instant red-flagging of issues such as skipping through content, pasting answers or working on other tasks. Facial recognition to eliminate delegation of training.   

Engagement Analytics

Facial micro-expression analysis to determine engagement levels and emotional responses to training content. 

Emotics Engagement Analytics
Emotics Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Detailed audit trail of each individual session providing assurance on completion and engagement with training activities. 

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